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Airport to Airport – Hand Delivery with TLC Flight Nanny

Our Flight Nannies are ready to give your new little one a safe journey home with plenty of TLC. Puppies, Kitties, Piglets and even Bunnies . . . Are you looking for a transport option other than cargo? You’ve come to the right place! Our service comes with Peace of Mind that less time traveling means less stress for your babies.

TLC Flight Nanny will be happy to help coordinate the transport of your new little one – we just need some information to get started. We can book a flight nanny when it is convenient for both seller and buyer and send all the details for pick up and delivery right to your phone. Our flight nannies come expertly trained and well equipped. We provide sanitized pet carriers for safe transport, our nannies will provide food and water along the way if needed, and will deliver any needed documents, as well. We will communicate with you before, during and even after the delivery with flight numbers and times, updates with pictures and videos of your baby’s journey home. We now offer a Flat Rate Transportation Fee of $450* – this is for one pet, under 20 lbs and only for the continental 48 states to airports we are able to fly to. The transport fees will be more based on more than one pet and deliveries to Alaska or Hawaii. (special accommodations might require an additional fee) Please let us know and we will give you a quote. Domestic Flights only.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT OUR FLIGHT NANNIES FLY STANDBY. We have no control over oversold or cancelled flights, weather, or any delays.


ATTENTION:  Beginning March 1st, we will increase our Flat Rate Transportation Fee to $475* – this is for one pet, under 20 lbs and only for the continental 48 states to major airports we are able to fly into. We will require a $25 Booking Fee to process ALL Delivery Requests. This Booking fee must be paid or the request will not be processed. Booking fee will go towards the balance of the delivery deposit. If TLC is unable to complete the delivery, the booking fee will be refunded.